My name is Caroline Nihill, I am a current undergraduate student at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill where I am studying journalism at the Hussman School of Media and Journalism. I recently transferred from the University of Mississippi (Ole Miss), where I also studied journalism. Although I have only been at UNC for one semester so far, I am excited to learn more about storytelling and reporting. 

So far at UNC, I have started writing for two publications. I am currently a staff writer for the Daily Tar Heel’s Arts and Culture desk where I receive assignments for stories around campus and Orange County and then work with editorial staff to edit and improve my articles. I am also a digital writer for Coulture Magazine in which I write more creative or opinionated articles about health, fashion, beauty, and many other topics and collaborate with other staff members to clarify and strengthen my pieces. 

Before I transferred, I worked as the Arts and Culture editor for The Daily Mississippian at Ole Miss. I would assign stories to writers and work with the editorial staff to produce relevant and newsworthy content for Oxford and Lafayette County. When I was not writing for The Daily Mississippian, I was getting involved with other organizations such as The New Media Ambassadors, where I was the Event and Communications chair –– I was able to implement the beginning stages of providing social media for this group that is now in motion today.

Outside of academic and professional achievements I am a person who really enjoys spending time with family and friends, traveling, meeting new people, and learning about the world around me. Growing up, my father’s work has been in a variety of places which has allowed me and my family to see and experience different places. This has encouraged me to always be ready for an adventure, and adapt well in situations I may not be familiar with.